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so ive moved into a new apt as of about a week ago. its a one bedroom so im here by myself. right now its reallly boring. at least i got my internet hooked up. but i still only have one tv channel. but thats soon to change. when the guyt came today to hook up my internet he and his gf came in. they were talking about how sometimes they wallk in o0n people smoking and whatnot. so i smoked with them and she mentioned how he will hook up my cable for not toop much,word word.

i had to have a big talk withmy parents this morning and trhat sucked alot. then on my way bac kto greensboro ami called me and i actually got to talk to her. see last night was the first time shes calledme in about a week. but i missed her call and couldnt ge tback in touch with her. it was really nice to talk to her, i miss her and im just so fucking crazy about her. i didnt get to talk to her long enough what with my phone constantly turning off even when on the charger, shes suppposed to call me back later but when she was talling me thjat my phone cut off again and i didnt want to keep bugging her as she was at work. but she caled me cuz she got my package i sent her. which was kinda out of the blue. it was a bebe shirt she had asked me a couple weeks ago to get and a little painting and one of the best mixes ive made, definaly the best ami mix.i hope she ends up calling me back tonight. she said shed call me on her break and im guessing that already passed. so well see. godddammmmn why am i so crazy about this girl!
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