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i start working at jimmy johns for real today. ive already worked 2 days but my schedule starts for real today.

im upon sometihng


in my life right now. since i just found out im on academic suspension, whioch means no classes for a semester. when i told papa about this he was like well, you can try to get out of your lease, move back in with me in durham and work full time. or you can stay in your apt (which is a one bedroom apt i just movesd into a couple weeks ago) but im not paying for shit. so the conclusion ive come to, is im going to move to chicago. ive got myself an account on a couple differnt roommate sites and ive been looking on craigslist. i am going to be able to find a place to live for less than the palce i have now. AND IT WILL BE IN CHICAGO. so im going to the bank today to see about getting a loan, so that i can pay to get out of my lease, pay for the move, pay for my apt there until i find a job (which ill have to do pronto), im gonna pay off my credit cards so that i wont have them bringing my credit down all ill have to worry about will be the loan. its really gonna happen. i can puss out. im going to the bank today to find out about the loan. it would be reall easy for me to just let this idea go, but i believe i can make it happen. its going to. watch for me to go to chicago in a month, wish me luck

well i have been able to say fuck it about a to m-i. ive been busy enjoying the ruch back at greensboro. so many new people. ive already met a bunch of new girls. ive been hanging out with this indiepunk chic alot whos pretty cool and pretty fuckin crazy. she def likes me and im into her. its the same story ive heard before, "yeh when i used to live in (insert name of big city) i lived/went out with the guy who sold (insert name of some drug usually a harder to find one) and so we did so much of it but now i dont fuck with it anymore. ive heard this more than a couple times. ooh and shes 23 and didnt know iwas only 19 until like a day ago haha. well thats not much cuz weve only been hanging out for a few days. why do i get them older girls? hm
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