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Go google your name and the word needs in quote marks and paste the funny ones up.

Tom needs to make the most of these cycles
tom needs cure for homophobia
Let's see how many lines Tom needs
Things Tom Needs to Learn:. Not to use ellipses so much
Tom needs to be back in a school setting
Tom needs to stretch further
Tom needs to fulfill a definite and specific purpose
Emotionally, Tom needs to make an assessment that is just as important
Tom needs to find Jesus (haha)
what Tom needs is a vasectomy
Tom needs a swift kick in the face
Tom needs to be punched
Tom needs to confess and clear the man's name
Tom needs to spit
Tom needs to wake up and understand how things work instead of speaking in well-known missconceptions
Tom needs Asian persuasion (YES!)
Tom needs to take SOMETHING
Tom needs to do some CREST commercials and show off his Big Pants
Tom needs to ride this pissed off old guy thing out
Tom needs to start carrying a gun, show up to these dick sucking awards ceremonies, and start pistol-whipping anybody wearing sports jerseys
Tom needs handgun ammo to perform critical hits against Dr. Kamsky
Tom needs a miracle right about now
Tom needs to stop all the silly rhetorical questions
I think Tom needs to lay off those "special vitamins"
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