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i saw deathcab last night
wait that didnt do it justice

i saw death cab last night

yeh it was fun, i went with kate and her boyfriend (aww my sister finally has a real boyfriend). it was mad fun. at the "disco rodeo" i dont quite care for that name so to me it will always be the ritz. it was so fun. i used my id and got an over 21 armband and a couple drinks. i saw alicia there. i recorded the setlist in my phone but since i was doing it in text message form, i kept accidentally sending it. which didnt help considering who i was sending it to.

me and allan got a mothafuckin house last week. right near east campus. i also finalyl have a full time job. im wokring at papas office. doing architecture bitch! yehh yehhhhh. so yeh its nice being off all that gay cerfew shit and whatnot. our place is so dope mmmmm. pats supposed to be coming from cary today and i havent seen him in so long or since he got his face broken. and sat were going to g for the night. but actually tonight im supposed to be going out with homegirl whos number i got earlier this week at the cedars (where papas wife mimi's mother lives on the line between chapel hill and durham). which is totally word, considering thats totally not my style to just get a girls number who i dontknow at all. but maybe its going to need to start being my style. well, we'll see. shes super hot, is trying to go to fashion school which means cool art chick. lets seeeeeee. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. yeah. im excited about all that. im suposed to call her when i get out of work. so heres to hanging oput with someone youve only ever talked to for 5 minutes before!
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