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so ive been without an entry for quite sometime. i just saw walk the line. it was real good. it among other tihngs got me to tihnking. thinking about being an old man and looking back on my life. how will you tell your stories? how will you explain the characters? i know ill have so many stories, shit i have stories from 2005 that im still recalling. the day befrore my brothers wedding and i guess the morning of his rehearsal, i was watching the sun rise on the end of wrightsville with my future roommate, a future best friend and girl whom i loved like crazy whoa and i thought still loved me. we had a keg buried in the sand. like how am i going to tell that story to whoever is going to be listening to my stories. my kids? i guess it will all depend on how my relationships with those people involved are by then. are there going to be some amazing stories that you purposefully never retell? i just really hope i can remember all the great stories or make it long enough to have someone to tell my stories. yep
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